No two companies are the same. That is why our work is always tailor made. And yet, we have a number of services that investors, directors and managers often ask us about.

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Operational Due Diligence

You are facing a major investment, financing or sale. This is when you really want to know everything about the figures. But not only that. What’s behind the figures? That counts for something too.

How healthy is the company really? Is the company in a position to realize its plans. What are the risks? How can you limit them? Is there any unused potential? The answer to these questions role out of the Operation Due Diligence.

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Business Coaching

Where is this company heading? To get a clear view on this future perspective, we stand together with the executive board and management.

We also translate this into concrete plans together. And then we help the plans deeper into the organization. By first gaining support within all layers of the organization. Important, when implementing it. This can be done from a coaching role or from a more active role as program manager.

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Improvement Management

Looking to achieve concrete results quickly? Our team has experienced professionals ready to temporarily take on the role of project or interim managers.

They can also be mobilized, for example, to structurally improve processes. And to then hand this over to the organization. We tackle this in a project-based manner and temporarily become part of the organization. Like colleagues, in a way.