Avoid expensive surprises

You’re an investor talking to a company in which you see a healthy potential. A due diligence in the field of tax, legal and finance is already running and is giving you a positive outlook. But do you really know the company by then? Can it realize the ambitions it has on paper? Within two weeks you’ll know for certain and you’ll have a plan to make a great start after the takeover.

Operational Due Diligence

You’re about to make a big investment, finance or sale. Therefore, you want to know everything about the numbers. But not just that. What’s behind the numbers? That counts as well.


Because how healthy is the company? Is the company capable of realizing all its plans? What are the risks? And how can you limit those risks? Is there unused potential? You’ll have the answers to these questions after the Operational Due Diligence.

What is an Operational Due Diligence?

An Operational Due Diligence (ODD) looks further than the numbers. We look into the operational conditions necessary to realize the ambitions of the company. How good are the production facilities and the ICT-infrastructure, how efficient are the internal processes, and is the management suitable for growth? In areas where these factors aren’t at the right level: which measures are required? And are you able to use that in the negotiations?


The analysis is complementary to the tax, legal & finance due diligence.

Why would you pay attention to that?

– It strengthens your position in negotiations, because you’ll have a better insight in the opportunities and the deficiencies of the company.

– Immediately after your purchase you can begin building up the company and focus more on management development.

– The return starts at T+1

What does it cost?

Within 10-14 days we provide a full report based on both quantitative and qualitative research. We spend a minimum of two days on the ground in the company, where we’ll speak to people of all levels, and we know what to pay attention to. This way we objectively identify if the company has the potential you’re aiming for. In addition to the analysis, the report contains a plan of action with improvements that can be applied directly after the purchase to quickly make your investment profitable. We’ll happily manage the execution of this plan as well.

What does it yield?

Your investment in Kwattaas will pay off itself handsomely, in terms of:

– In-depth knowledge that will give you more influence over the transaction conditions;

– Certainty over the operational potential of the company

– A quick return, because you’ll be able to start building up the company from T+1.

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