The way we work

Every company wants to move forward

There is one thing ambitious companies in the manufacturing industry want above all… to make! And especially make steps, or even jumps. But first there must be clear plans. Together we want to look for the needs. The opportunities. But also the problems. In other words, what does the company need now for a successful future.

First, dive in the deep end together

If we know where we want to go, we look at how we can get there. Deeper into the company. Truly the entire company. So that the plan will have broad support and can be rolled out much faster. And yes, to do so we need to make the plan 100% our own. We at Kwattaas, as well as the entire company.

The plan is the start of something beautiful

Unlike other consultants, we can actually roll out the plans we make. As co-creators, we know better than anyone how to make the plan actually happen. Together with the entire company.  So that we can give that high-five together. Dirty hands and all.

Kwattaas had the right knowledge, experience and there was a click.

Farm Frites

I sometimes wonder why we have not done this before.


There is such a solid structure now, Kwattaas is no longer needed here for the time being.

BIM Media

Our approach has already been put into practice at these companies, among others